How to CCleaner Fix Registry Errors For Free In 5 Minutes

Reader Question: 

I have registry errors that need to be fixed. I have tried to scan and fix with Norton Security Suite but it does not repair the problems. I don’t want to pay for a software program to remove these problems.

How to CCleaner Fix Registry Errors For Free?

Help me!

CCleaner Fix Registry Errors


This is a tutorial on how to CCleaner fix registry problems. Once fixed your computer will run a little smoother and have a little more space.

Step 1. Double-clicking the CCleaner desktop icon

Step 2. Select Registry CCleaner Tab. You select the items under Registry Cleaner you wish to scan (they are all checked by default). I recommend you leave all the items checked.
Click Scan for Issues. You’ll see a progress bar and a list of potential issues.

CCleaner Fix Registry Errors

Select the items under Registry Cleaner, click Scan for Issues

Step 3. Once the scan is completed, you can review the list of issues. Or, to save the list to a text file, right-click anywhere inside the list, and then click Save to text file…
If you want CCleaner to skip any of the issues it’s found, right-click the issue, and then click Add to Exclude List. You can review the current set of excluded files, folders, and Registry entries in the Exclude section of the Options pane.

CCleaner Fix Registry Errors

Step 4. Click Fix selected issues… to fix the Registry errors.
You are prompted to backup the Registry first. I strongly recommend you select Yes.

CCleaner Fix Registry Errors

Click Fix selected issues… then select Yes

Step 5. Select a location where to save the Registry backup. The file name ends in .REG. Click Save.

CCleaner Fix Registry Errors

Click Save

Step 6. CCleaner displays the first Registry problem and a proposed solution.

Step 7. To fix all issues at once, click Fix All Selected Issues.

CCleaner Fix Registry Errors

Note: I recommend this choice for most users.

Step 8. Once all issues have been fixed, click Close.

CCleaner Fix Registry Errors

Click Close

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